Preliminary Cost Estimates, Burns Road to Middaugh Road- June 17, 2008

5389 08-6-21_C-VTrail_est2.jpg
To fill the LARGEST of the MANY washouts between Burns Road and Middaugh Road, p
lanners estimate that after regrading the ravine with borrowed material from adjacent land, 11,264 cubic yards of fill will be purchased from a strip mine in Brooktondale and used to fill in the ravine. 


  • 11,264 cubic yards of fill is EQUIVALENT TO 805 DUMP TRUCK LOADS, or enough to fill nearly 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • 11,264 cubic yards of fill for ONE WASHOUT means a dump truck each hour, Monday-Friday, for all 8 work hours each day, for 20 weeks
  • In 2008 dollars, 11,264 cubic yards of fill will cost the towns and county $87,410.19, and this is only to fill in ONE washout along the corridor.There are other washouts between Burns Road and Middaugh Road. Past Middaugh Road, large sections of the old rail bed are under water, and filling in the swamp will destroy a designated natural area “Willseyville Beaver Ponds”
  • Regrading this ravine will disturb the bed of coal cinders, which, in other rail-trails, have been found to contain toxic substances such as arsenic and lead.

Legal Expenses Incurred by the Town of Caroline, 2016

The following list itemizes the tax payer dollars spent by the Town of Caroline in 2016 to hire a lawyer to try and prove that landowners do not own the long-since abandoned rail corridor. The total spent in 2016 was $2,600. Ownership was not resolved.

This is the information from a FOIL request submitted to the Town of Caroline in early 2017.