Landowner Letter to Town of Caroline Board, April 12, 2017

According to trail web sites, there are already 73 trails existing in Tompkins County. These amount to 240 miles, 150 waterfalls, and access to 28,000 acres to explore. This is from their own data.

Obviously, there is no shortage of trails here in Tompkins County.

That pretty much takes care of tourists and their want and need for trails.

So, let us drop the notion that this very small portion is needed to expand tourism. This section will neither make or break tourists from coming to Tompkins County.

The next argument is convenience….the statement that someone or someone’s child, teenager etc (those were the examples stated at a recent Board meeting) can get to downtown Ithaca via a so-called safer avenue.

Let us look at the numbers…there are approximately 3500 people, plus or minus depending on the day, that live in the Town of Caroline.

Now, imagine that 100 people use this particular portion of the trail everyday all year around, that is less than 3% of the population.

We know that a 100 people are not going to use this …..more than likely it would be less than 20 and more likely 10 if not less…making it just less than a 100th of one percent and it won’t be everyday or year around.

Are we going to spend money on an MOU that requires detailed designs, plans and a budget for this project where at the MOST 3 % (and it is an exaggerated number of 100 people) that would use this fictitiously on a daily and on a year around basis and then expect to put 100% of the financial burden on 100% of the taxpayers?

The whole project should be dropped and not up for discussion as it was in 2008.

This is a major expense and tax burden on all the people of the Town of Caroline for a small percentage less than 3% at the most…more realistically less.


Rebecca S Phillips & Samuel W Phillips