Landowner Letter to Caroline Board, April 4, 2017

April 4, 2017

Town of Caroline Board:

At the February 22, 2017 Town Board Business Meeting, at the request of many constituents, the Board agreed to schedule a meeting specifically to discuss issues related to the proposed South Hill Recreation Way Extension. On March 21, in response to an inquiry about the status of the meeting, Town Supervisor Mark Whitmer stated in an email that he was “working with Danby to schedule an informational meeting.” Today, a full six weeks since February 22, Mark informed the Coddington Land Stewards listserve that a meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 23 (time to be determined), at the Brooktondale Community Center.

Presuming that “working with Danby” refers to officials of the Town of Danby, I am puzzled as to why officials of another town are being included in this meeting. We (the constituents) requested to meet with our Caroline Town Board, not officials of other towns. We did request that affected RESIDENTS from the other towns be notified of the meeting; but to my recollection, this meeting was to be an opportunity for affected residents to review the proposed trail extension and the Caroline Natural Areas and Trails Committee Report (2008 Trail Report) with our elected Town Board members.

That Mark is considering this meeting to be an “informational” meeting is simply astounding. The concerned residents have seen the proposal. We’ve seen the websites. We’ve attended public meetings. We’ve perused the 2008 Trail Report. An “informational” meeting was already held by the County. I repeat, this meeting was to be an opportunity for affected residents to review the proposed trail extension and the 2008 Trail Report with our elected Town Board members.

Since this meeting should be a working meeting, not an informational meeting, it should be held at the Town Hall, not a community center.

In conclusion, I respectively request that the meeting agreed to on February 22 be promptly confirmed, that it be a thorough review of the issues with the Town Board members and affected residents, that affected residents of other towns be notified, and that it be held at the Caroline Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted by fax

Kathleen Boyd

149 Middaugh Rd, Brooktondale

Respectfully submitted by fax, to be distributed to all five Board members, read out load during the Privilege of the Floor, and entered into the record of this meeting that I submitted this statement.