Landowner letter, February 7, 2017

Here are my observations/comments on this planned project:

1. The recent letter from CJRandall (January 25, 2017) about this project is the first notification we have ever received concerning this project. And we have owned property adjacent to the old RR bed since 1983.

2. At this time I am specifically commenting regarding the proposed German Cross Rd to Banks Rd phase of the project.

– I have mowed, trimmed brush and otherwise maintained this section for a number of years

– I have removed tree roots that might trip a person (especially after my daughter tripped last summer)

– Larger tree roots and any protruding rocks have been painted red/yellow to make them more visible to anyone using this section

– I will probably continue to remove more roots and rocks that might trip a person

– I posted a sign and contacted the Ithaca School District and as a result “Bus Turn Around” signs were erected at the Banks Rd end of the section. I even reinstalled those signs this past summer after the Danby mowing crew cut off one of the signs – now a bit shorter, but still visible.

3. I have hiked the IC to Burns Rd section of the trail and am familiar with what that section looks like.

4. I hiked the German Cross Rd to Banks Rd section with Mark Whitmer this past summer to show him how “friendly” and “inviting” the trail was – a pleasant tree shaded walking trail.

5. In no way do I want a trail section like the IC to Burns section – trees cut, gravel hauled in, etc. !!!!!!!

6. This section of the trail (German Cross Rd to Banks Rd) is just fine as it is now and I will continue to mow and maintain it. In other words – HANDS OFF !!

7. I will even make and install a resting bench for persons using this section of the trail if that is deemed needed.

I hope you will consider my comments in a positive light – and if you have any questions, come and hike this section with me someday to see what a pleasant and relaxing experience it can be.


Richard Tenney


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