Landowner letter, January 29, 2017

Pending Coddington trail

Mr. Witmer,

Again I am addressing the Coddington trail that the town of Caroline and Tompkins county are interested in pursing. I am surprised that this is being brought up again. In 2008 NYSEG said they would not agree to transferring their ownership in the abandoned railroad easement unless 100% of the property owners affected were agreeable. Now I understand that they may be willing to give a twenty-five year lease to the county. I can’t help but feel this a total about face. I feel there is still a legal question that NYSEG has ownership of the easement. This was raised in 2008 and will be raised again. I know you have raised issues with other people who have questioned the trail who are not being affected by the current route but who will be in the second phase. I am one of those who will be impacted by the current route. I own property along Middaugh road close to the end of the current route that is being proposed. Where the proposed trail will end will create numerous problems for those residents at the end of the trail. Middaugh road has a high traffic use in the mornings and afternoons along with heavy dump trucks hauling gravel through out the day. This will create significant issues with safety for drivers, walkers and bicycle riders. This will also open up my property to issues regarding trespassing, illegal hunting and theft. We have on going issues with that now and have been in the past. I find it interesting that people from Ithaca wish to invade the privacy of our lands for their own pursuits. We have chosen to live in a country setting being able to have privacy on our lands, the ability to hunt if wanted and control of our environment as land owners. We as taxpayers in the town of Caroline will bear the brunt of their wants without our wants of peaceful living in future maintenance cost and possibility of loss of property values, ability to sell our property if needed and our loss of quality of life. Please do not allow this to happen. The wants of a few should not determine the many! I am asking that this letter be read in the next town meeting and also be put into the record.


Sandra Kenne


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