Landowner Letter, January 27, 2017

My name is Linda Pacioretty and I have owned 27.5 acres along the old railroad bed White Church Road since 1997. I am writing to you in opposition of the proposed Coddington Trail. My opposition to this trail was originally voiced on May 27, 2008 at the landowner information session held at the Brooktondale Community Center. I am opposed to the trail because we use our land extensively, whether walking and running our three dogs twice a day or skiing and snow shoeing in the winter. Our land is also used for hunting and training dogs to scent track. Our land would border the trail, creating noise, litter and disrupting our peaceful activities. In other words, taking away the reason we live in the country  privacy. In addition, any dogs on the trail could easily come onto our land and antagonize our dogs. I am concerned  the trail will lower our property value, turning our peaceful country house and land into a busy, noisy recreational area.

As a town of Caroline resident, my concerns include: who will pay for this trail?; who will maintain this trail?; who will enforce rules of the trail? Our town and county taxes are high enough without having to pay for a recreational trail. 

I urge you to consider the landowners in this proposal for the Coddington Trail. We don’t have as many voices as those who want to use the trail, but our voices are certainly more vested.


Linda M. Pacioretty, PhD


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