Landowner Letter, January 24, 2017

I am strongly opposed to this trail as I was 8 years ago.  It runs within a few feet of my buildings on Belle School Rd that I have owned for 30 years and my parents have for 40 years prior to that.  It may be a fun trail for those who have nothing to loose, but it opens up those of us who have much to.  I presented 400 pages of crimes committed on this type of tail all over the country back 8 years ago.  Some of those were committed on the start of this trail in Ithaca. 

It also makes our properties impossible to sell and devalues them.  We are kept from hunting, shooting and preserving the anything we enjoy. 

You may think opening up our lands to peaceful runners, bikers, and hikers is for the benefit of all, but it also opens it up to crime, sexual assault, trespassers, vandalism, loss of lively hood, privacy, property values, etc. 

There are enough trails in the county already.  There are enough reasons to increase taxes and better needs of taxpayer money in our town of Caroline.   This trail will have to be maintained and the burden of it will fall on property owners all over the county.  

Joseph T. Scaglione, jr


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